The Internet's Back.......NOT!!!!

I thought the internet is back this morning since the internet company said that it would, but for some reason it's gone again when afternoon


* Not much progress on The Lego Me this week because of the loss of internet. I needed the internet to download a photo-stitching software to create panoramas for environment mapping. And since there's no internet for the whole week, I wasn't able to download one. But even if the internet's absent, I did create some awesome things for The Lego Me, like;

THE MUSIC!!! You will have to wait for the final video to hear it.

And also...

Some render tests! I was actually torn between rendering it in normal Blender Render and rendering it in Cycles. Normal Blender render would give me these results:

It may not look that good but it can look better with a better light set-up. I also prefer it over Cycles Render because it reduces the chances of my laptop crashing.

However when I tried Cycles Render, I can't help but be tempted to use it because of the awesome results I got from it.

Just look at that beauty.....

So beautiful.....

This still needs a lot of work but this is the reason why I want to download a photo-stiching software: to create the spherical environment that I can then use to get the proper lighting and reflection for the CG object. As you can see it almost blended to the background which is my room. You can see in my recent vlogs that I've been using that background.

I even animated it and did a test render in Cycles:


It looks awesome, right? XD And my laptop didn't crash. It turns out that I just have to set it to the right settings to get an awesome render and reduce the chances of crashing.

So after the render tests, I ended into a decision of using Cycles for rendering.

SO YEAH! That's it for The Lego Me updates!

* If you haven't seen this week's Vlog, go here:

Here I try my acting skills. XD Tell me how is it. Comment on the video. XD


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