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The Black Box, for me, was originally about my struggles with my oh so negative mind. I tend to over-think things, which is actually useful as an artist but a real pain when facing real problems. Because of my over-thinking I dwell so much time recalling past events or making up stories in my mind which ends mostly thinking about negative things and with me feeling down or condemned. The negativity also affects other things and sometimes my decisions are affected by it which just adds up to the negative things I'll think about in the future. So like most people, I tried to deal with the struggle.

As a Christian, I pray for it of course. But Faith without Action is not good and most likely ends to nothing. So I prayed and prayed and, I think, as an answer, He gave me the idea of The Black Box.

Since the negativity consumes my mind and affects other things in it(and is already a part of me), I thought of a way to isolate everything in my mind. Separate the happy thoughts from the sad ones and so on. I ended up using boxes. So it starts....

"Imagine your mind is filled with boxes..."

A mind filled with boxes of different sizes and colors each containing all the things you've known, you've done and you've experienced.

I also tried to give variety to how the things are stored in the box like:

List of Happy moments

Number of Honest times

Names of loved ones in Hearts

I made it simple because I want it to be understandable. The idea may have been used somewhere but I don't remember ever seeing it from other works.


"Among other boxes, one always tries hard to be be noticed...."

A Black Box holds all of the negativity. And my struggle is to keep it closed....

"But for some reason, you opened it..."

I said "for some reason," because most of the time, I tend to "open the Black Box" in the most absurd reasons. Sometimes there's no reason at all! And I don't really know why...(And I think this is true to most people)

All I know is how much regret I feel when it's opened.

"...all of them came out! Your saddest moments, past mistakes, deepest regrets..."

I represented the negativity as a smoke. An alive smoke. A thick black smoke is dark and it can cover a whole area fast. It can also grow thicker and thicker and could suffocate you if you're trapped in the middle of it. And that's how it feels like when negativity fills my mind. Negativity no matter how small it is could grow big and could cover you're mind once you let it dwell.

It can also affect you emotionally and sometimes when it covers the entirety of your mind, you feel so much pain that you can hardly breathe. It can stay so long inside of you until you see no hope.

" see a light..."

The light can represent many things. A friend that comforts you, a family that helps you with a struggle or a significant other which gives you the reason to look on the bright side. For me, the light was God.

I don't really like sharing my struggles to my friends. I let them share their problems to me. I don't mind to carry their burden but I don't want them to carry mine. I'm also very secretive to my family and don't really tell them my weaknesses. I can see theirs but I try hard to hide mine. I'm selfish when it comes to my problems.

You might think I'd be lonely, but I have never felt so alive. Because I believe that nobody's really alone. And I also believe that it's because we all have the "spirit". The Holy Spirit. God is always with us. With me. So even if I'm alone, just by looking to Him, to the Light, I find the strength to rise up from the problem, to breathe from suffocation. Even if I'm physically alone.

I used the light to represent our Savior. Which removed the smoke and sealed the Black box.

Because of Him, I found a way out of condemnation, misery, guilt and all other negative things that consumed me before.




"But as the days pass by....maybe even see the boxes again."

The boxes would never leave. Even The Black Box. The knowledge of our sins will always be in our minds. But even from the start, THE LIGHT has given us a choice. The choice to follow what He says or not.

I won't force you into a decision, of course. Because just like how He gave us the freedom to choose, The video also says:

"The Choice will always be yours."

God gave us the freedom to choose. But he also gives us the hint of where our choices will take us. He only wants what's best for us. So choose whatever you want. But don't fail to hear the warning of where it will take you. :)


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