Bring forth awesomeness using free or open source software.

Starting out on the filmmaking path, one of the hurdles that every filmmaker goes through is the technical hiccups which usually happen during Post-Production. In order to achieve certain effects or even edit the film, a filmmaker will be needing a software to do the task. And those software, usually cost a fortune.

Not many filmmakers have enough budget to shoot their film let alone buy these software so some attempt to acquire these software through trial versions or torrents. But as what most of us know, using trials is a pain due to its limits and torrented ones are illegal. Especially if you're using them commercially.

So to avoid using trial versions and torrented softwares for commercial use. I initiated, Operation Honortech.

These are the free and open source products that I will use for this mission:

So far, Ubuntu Studio is the best free/open source Operating System, for me. The interface looks great and since it's an OS specialized for "creative humans", it's optimized to handle multimedia tasks from editing a video to making music. I think that it would be the best operating system to use for this operation.

Check it out and know more about it here.

Kdenlive, is the best free/open source video editing software that I've used so far. It's light(judging to the fact that it doesn't lag too much as I use it on my laptop) and it's the closest to Adobe Premiere in terms of how the interface looks. I can, pretty much, edit videos with it like how I edit videos on Premiere. 

Check it out here!

Among all of the free/open source software, Blender is my favorite. I was about to give up on my dreams, but Blender changed my mind. It's a free 3D animation Suite. This is my alternative to After Effects, and so far, it's awesome!

Check it out here!

GIMP, I think, is the best alternative for Photoshop. Among the free/open source software, I've been using this one the longest. Made digital artworks, edited photos and made most of the images in this blog using this guy.

Know more about it here.

Krita is the best for digital painting! I'd still use, GIMP for normal photo manipulation or editing, but Krita is going to be my main software in making digital arts. I think it's the best FREE software specialized for digital painting.

Just check it out here.

I use Audacity to process my recordings using my phone. It cleans the audio pretty well too.

Check it out here.

For Music production, I'll be using LMMS. It's the closest thing to FL Studio.

Check it out here.

And I'll be using Ardour to apply sound to my animations. Or mix the music I make. :)

Check it out here.

For screen recording,
I'll be using SimpleScreenRecorder
so I can make tutorials and timelapse videos.
Check it out here.


Since 2016, I have been using these software in making videos.
Just head over to my channel and see the results. :)

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