Keeping up the progress this week.

* The Pokeball TutLapse series finishes with PART 2 which was uploaded last Wednesday.

* PLUS! I shared My Ultimate Gear through a Vlog. I'll be doing this thing every year to keep track of my technological journey. I do hope I'd be able to upgrade by next year. hehe.

* I also finished the final collaboration animation video which involved Meowth and Doodly! I encountered some technical hiccups along the way but it will be published NEXT WEEK, Saturday, PHT, on the MAIN CHANNEL.


* I'll start working on the 9 animation.

* And I'll be creating another GIMP Speedart for an ART TRADE that I did with a fellow CFN member. You'll know more about it next week or you can LIKE and follow my Facebook Page to know within the week. I update there more often. :)

THAT IS ALL! Over and out.

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