* The first BLENDER HOW TO video is published this week and this is actually something that I'll be doing to support the TutLapse videos. Just quick tutorials on stuff that are often overlooked in Blender or stuff that needed clarifying from a TutLapse.

* Also! Another Fan Mode Video is up! It's actually part of a collaboration video that I did with some of the Channel Frederator Network members. 

Here's the Fan Mode video:

And here's the collab video:

* And I've done an ART TRADE with van chatto,  a fellow network member. ART TRADE is basically a trade of arts! In our case, we give each other reference to our own original characters and we draw or do something with it in our own artistic style.

I've drawn van chatto's original character, Fuschia Sparks:

And he created a short animation of Doodly in his mech suit:

And I also created a GIMP Speed Art video showing a timelapse of my coloring process of my version of Fuschia Sparks in GIMP:

You can check out van chatto's channel or check out an animation he did with this character here:


* I'll be fixing up some stuff as preparation for the 9 animation.

* And also finish editing a GIMP Speed Art video for another ART TRADE that I did with another CFN member. I'll tell more about it next week!


Over and out.

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