Almost missed an upload day! But still a progressive week.

* Finished another ART TRADE with Kaamuz, a fellow Channel Fredrator Network member.

Meet Harluny Quyinn!

 Here's a Speed Art video of how I did it in GIMP:

Harluny-Quyinn is actually Kaamuz' original character Luny cosplaying as Harley Quinn:

You can watch his webtoon, The Luny and Milky Show, here:

And also check out his YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

* And also, despite the construction that is currently happening in a part of our house and the company of a lot of people, I managed to create the FIRST PART of the 9 TutLapse Series.

The video lacked energy because my confidence just drops when I know people will hear me recording, but yeah!


* I'll compensate the lack of energy on 9 TutLapse PART 1 by delivering a more energetic PART 2 video!

* Also look forward for another Blender HOW TO video.


Over and Out.

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