"If you feel lost, just retrace your steps."

Many problems have been preventing me from doing what I've planned to do last week so I only have very little progress to report.


* Some concepts for my upcoming comics, Supers Academy. This idea has been bugging for 7 years now and I just have to execute it. The story is already very clear in my mind so holding it back for another year would be torture for me since I've been storing it in my head for 7 YEARS!

The text in the picture says: "The Six  Heroes of Supers Academy"

The Super Gym!! Can't give you more details on this one. :D

It's a planet....O.o Haha! Can't give you more details on this one as well. It'll spoil the fun!

It is both a symbol and a logo. :)

And that's all!

Just stay tuned for more details about this. The story is set on a very new and huge world so it may take some time. It will be delivered to you as a COMICS. :D


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