So here's the updates! But before that;

My plans for my YouTube channel will be the major content of the BLOGS. So don't be surprised if I keep pointing you to my YouTube channel, which is right here:

I upload all sorts of videos from inspirational ones to the most nonsense ones.


UPDATES! (According to contents, shown in the Doodle Notes Channel Trailer)

     VLOG # 8 (Click here to watch it!) might be the last VLOG. BUT! The future is uncertain and who knows! Maybe I'll be a good speaker in the future. :)

    But yeah!

    Vlogs will be temporarily paused until:

  1. I get a faster computer.

  2. A better camera.

  3. A better microphone. and...


    Music will still be on the channel since I've written a lot of songs that's itching to let itself be heard by people.


    It won't be on the schedule that I mentioned in VLOG # 6 (Click here to watch it!).

    Lots of lies I said in the VLOGS. I'm more honest and solid in writing.


    I'm currently working on a music video entitled, Mahal Kita! Sobra! (I Love You! So Much!), and I'm still struggling between creating a 3D animation, 2D animation or a stop-motion animation for it.

    And also the music for it is not ready since my voice is a bit(always been) rusty. Hehehehehehe. 

   But just stay tuned for it! It will come eventually. (Since I don't wanna be a "sloth")

    And finally for the Films!

   I'm currently working on an animation short entitled, The Battle.

    The information about it that I can disclose to you at the moment are:

  1. It's animation style would be based from a game. (Limbo)

  2. It's going to be "spiritually igniting" video.

  3. I'm still on the "Conceptualizing the characters" stage.

  4. And here are some of the concept arts I created:

Concept art for the "YOU" character (View it here!)

Concept art for the "MONSTER" character (View it here!)

So that's it for UPDATES! Over and Out.

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