They're not much. But here are some concept arts for Doodle Note's upcoming 3D/2D Animation Short entitled, The Battle.

I don't have a pen tablet to create this guys so it's a challenge to create them and I have to invent some techniques that other "poor(financially)" artists would've done too. But...



The Protagonist

The Antagonist

more monsters...

You might notice that I based the other monsters on the 7 deadly sins. Although it's not exactly biblical, bits and pieces of it are mentioned in the bible. I didn't have concepts for Pride and Envy, because my plans for Envy as a monster is that it's a shapeshifter, which assumes the appearance of the creature its envied with. Pride, on the other hand, is just the same with the look of the "Monster Concept Art" since its got the most leader-like look among the monsters.

I won't really reveal so much because it might be a big spoiler and could ruin the short for you viewers. Hehe.

Link to 3D/2D Animated short will be posted here (     ) once uploaded. Thanks for reading the Blogs! :D

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