Concept Art Update!

My plans for The Battle are still rotating between doing it in FULL 3D, which means to model everything from characters to environment into full 3-Dimensional CG elements, or 2D, which means I model them in simple 2D elements in Blender. The latter may be the one I'm going to consider the most, since it's simple and my laptop can handle it without crashing. But the other option may give me more freedom but will surely consume time. I might have a final decision by the end of the day.

This is the Stage Plan for The Battle. I like to put Background Elements and Foreground Elements because it adds Depth especially when the camera is moving around. I actually based the concept out of one of the games I played called, Limbo. The stage may vary depending on what style I'll solidly follow when I've decided today about the two options.

Height Comparison!

This will be the FINAL sizes of the characters that you'll be seeing in the short. Two of the characters will have the majority of appearances.


Watch The Battle here: (will be posted here after upload)

That's it for updates!

February 19, 2014, 10:24 am

While waiting: watch some of Doodle Note's works here:

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