These are the steps on how Doodle Notes will be bringing forth awesomeness:

Initiate a BIG project
Start a BIG ART PROJECT and make every other contents evolve around it.
There will be three groups of contents that will be the fruits of the big project namely: main contents, fill-in videos & secondary contents.
Choose the final product

The final product of the big project can be either of the two:

Films or Short Films
(animated or live)

It can be based on an existing work or not. 

Web Series
(animated or live)

It can also be based on an existing work or not.

Fill-in the GAPS!
While working on the BIG projects, the fill-in videos will keep the main channel active.

(A Very Amateur Video)
Animated and live videos done to test some Visual Effects that will be used on the big project. Or it can be videos that we do for fun. These videos would range from 40 to 60 seconds.

Fan Mode
3D animations done as a fan or for the fansIt involves remodeling characters from popular cartoons/movies and animated according to what the creator desires or the audiences request.

You can make requests on both contents:
Click here for more info.

Share the Knowledge and Give Updates! 

Share the sets of skills and lesson acquired throughout the making of the big art project, through the secondary contents:

are for updates and other announcements concerning Doodle Notes' endeavors.

Tutorials & Timelapse
videos on using GIMP, Krita, Blender and other programs that will be used in the making of the big project.

Behind-The-Scenes or The Making Of videos
for each/some of the main content or fill-in videos. 


Watch a video about this below!

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