Things are looking up! Another week of consistency and already I can see some results: Subs, Views and Watch time is increasing! Also the revenue! If I keep at it I might just reach the 1000 sub milestone! But yeah! Here are last week's progress:

* Published the first of another kind of content that I'll be doing more often on the 2nd channel: a GIMP tutorial video.

* And another Blender How To video also published last week covering how I render my animations in Blender!

* I also finished giving Gregor a hair, which marks my final work on the model. I plan to give Gregor's concept a fix, which means I'll be remodeling him. I'm not satisfied with how the model looks right now so instead of just fixing it up, I decided to do the whole thing again. Would be a lot easier and it would really give me great comfort later on when I'm animating him.


* Just watch out for more Blender HOW TOs and TutLapse videos coming this week. One of the TutLapse you might see this week is Gregor's HAIR STYLING TutLapse and also a Texture Mapping TutLapse. I'm also planning to create tutorials on how to use Render Layers in Blender. SO stay tuned for that! Or Subscribe to my 2nd Channel to know when it's up!

* I also plan to really get started on the 9 animation already. The construction at home had made it difficult for me to muster enough concentration to focus on making the storyboard for the animation. Plus I have to take care of my 3-year-old sister. So it's kinda tough "getting in the zone". But I'll try to get the animation started this week. Also, I'll be making daily progress reports on my Patreon from now on. I will be introducing my Patreon page properly before the year ends or early next year. :)


Over and Out.

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