A late update here. I was not home yesterday. ANYWAYS!
Not much progress last week.
The construction at home made it really difficult to make videos. Besides taking care of my baby sister, I also have to endure the noise and have to keep an eye on the workers. But despite that, I did manage to upload on schedule. :)

* Another BLENDER HOW TO video uploaded last week where I share a bit of my knowledge on Rigging.

* And the FINAL PART of the 9 TutLapse is also published last week.

* I did not make much progress on the animation. It's really difficult to focus when you know you have to do other things and there's so much noise. So I just did a quick test through creating a Blender Art. I'm trying to achieve the volumetric effect in Blender using only the Internal renderer. The result is this:

I'll be making a tutorial on this. :)


* I'll try to get started on animating the 9 animation. And If I can't do that, I'll create more tutorials and timelapse videos. The 2nd channel videos are easier to do than the main channel ones.

Over and Out.

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