Lots of progress this week.

Got a bit of a hold back but still rollin'.

* I finished combining passes for a lot of shots on Garrison Bear!

There are 52 shots in total for Garrison Bear and I finished 37 shots already(all of which are final). 15 shots more then I'll move to the application of sound and music. I might be able to finish Garrison Bear next week if given more time.

* Also, I've been changing my posting techniques on our Facebook Page that gave our posts more reach...


This week I posted lots of photos on our FB page and each post reached a lot of people and it's thanks to these guys:

Shiela Grace Ramirez

Joeven Dumangas

Leah Marie Paula Pagaduan

Albert Bryan Marquez

Archie Duro

Jessilene Jaika Odango

Ricky Bustos

Rejean Tahadlangit

Kacey Orlanes

Ariel Matthew Campita

Rogen Sagarino and

Edison Ejercito

 They all let me tag them to my posts and my post reach have increased dramatically! I'm never gonna forget these guys and all of those who support me unconditionally! XD






* Of course! More progress on Garrison Bear! It might also be finished this week so WATCH OUT FOR IT!

* After Garrison Bear, I'll be resuming the cancelled project that I started last year...

I'll reserve all the talk about it next week! So stay tuned! XD


That is all there is!

My name is MJ Vilches of Doodle Notes!

Bringing forth awesomeness to glorify the Awesome!

Over and out. 

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