Not much progress again...

And you'll be seeing me write a lot of excuses again...XD


* I was close to cancel The Lego me this week, but I change my mind. I still have 1 week til the month ends so I'm gonna finish it with a simpler idea this time. XD

One of the reasons why I attempted to cancel the project was because of this:

My laptop crashed so much for trying to achieve this look:

in Blender, this was rendered in Cycles and it looks really awesome. But! My laptop can't handle the awesomeness sp I have to sacrifice the desire of this look and just settle with the normal Blender Render and just utilizing it to achieve, maybe not as awesome as Cycles, but close enough to reach the excellent standards.

 Normal Blender render look.

Also, another reason would be abscence of an HD camera and my ability to blend the CG into a raw footage, which is needed ofr my original idea.

I tried to make the real me to transform into a Lego me but I failed. So I changed the idea, completely removed the raw footage aspect and just settled with a full 3D animation. It lessened my time of production and I think it would be more excellent.The original idea may look really crappy because I'm running out of time and my skills in VFX are not really that high.

Another reason would be my mood....

Yes, I can't work properly if I don't have enough push to work. That's one of the challenges of working alone. You have no one to tell you to get up and work and even if self persuasion works, sometimes it doesn't. So yeah...

I was so bothered with my whole opening the bank account thing. I spent two weeks acquiring the requirements for opening a bank account, and since I don't usually go out, it was difficult for me. Facing actual people has always been my weakness. But I faced that fear and managed to open a bank account! XD

My Postal ID and ATM. XD

This is what I call, "Being Part Of the Society" XD

I still didn't receive a reply from the YouTube network, it hasn't been a week so I'm gonna have to wait 'til next week since they said that it takes a week or two before they could reply. O.o It kinda makes me worried but if it's for, it's for me. If not, then I'm gonna have to stick to Adsense for awhile and stick to the plan.


* I failed to create a Vlog this week so I did this:

I made a game-play video of me playing the Attack On Titan Tribute game( and talked about some stuff in it. Watch it by clicking the first link above and play the game if you want to by clicking the second link. XD

Instead of Vlogs I'll be creating more videos like this in preparation for the project next to The Lego Me. Just stay tuned to see that next project! XD


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This is MJ Vilches of Doodle Notes.


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