Still need more practice...

I don't want to continue with the main project yet without doing more yeah...


* The Battle is still on hold since I want to make more tests to really bring it out as awesome as possible and as perfect as God will enable me to. (More explanations here: The Battle Details)

* This weeks tests includes:

    • I'll be modeling other characters in the future as well, Humans most likely, for practice because Olaf's topology is obviously not of a human.

  • Rigging

    • After modeling Olaf, I rigged him.

    • Rigging, in 3D animation, means to put bones to a modeled mesh(3D object) enabling you to move, pose and animate it. An excellent rig gives ease for an animator while animating. Excellent topology(mesh composition) is also essential to have an excellent rig.

  • Animating

    • I'm currently animating my version of Olaf, which I named Olof, blending him in one of Olaf's short test animations that Disney made. (Watch it here: Dancing OLAF! Note: Not my animation ) I'll try to insert Olof in that video and let you guys comment on it. See if my animation skills have improved. :)


That's all for now. You'll be seeing the results of the test as a video in the near future. Until then, you can go check out my YouTube channel here: Doodle Notes' channel! Consider Subscribing!

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March 15, 2014, 12:59PM

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