Since Disney's Frozen became a trend, I was really itching to watch it! 

And when I did, I can't help not admiring the awesomeness of the characters especially Olaf!

Every time I watch a Walt Disney 3D Animated film, I really can't help the urge of wanting to do an animation myself.

It all started with Tangled, but my 3D animation skills are really poor those days so making my own animation was all but a dream.

But during the Frozen days, I already gained enough knowledge and skills to create my own animation and also, I want to do some tests before creating an original animated short, so without hesitation I remodeled Olaf!

Olaf (right), Olof (left) 

I tried so hard to copy Olaf but I failed and ended up creating a new character! I named him Olof! Olaf's older brother.

It was actually going to stay as pictures of Olof posing with Olaf:

or Olof posing with my pal, Doodly, which turned to be his bestfriend:

but the urge of making Olof move just won't stop bugging me so I tried to animate Olof...


I modeled him poorly the first time so I remodeled him to have a more decent topology. :)

This time I made him older looking. And unlike the first model, I rigged this one completely, including the Facial rig.

Oh! If you don't know what rigging is then I'm obliged to tell you:

In 3D animation, characters are modeled (usually) from a cube to a full body model of the character (usually on a T-position like the image below)

In bigger production, the position of the Modeler, Rigger, and Animator are split into different teams. In my case, I have to do everything alone. So after I modeled Olof, I rigged him or put some bones on his boneless body which we, the CG fellows, call "mesh".

Oh! By the way, I used a free and open-source 3D Animation suite called, Blender.

You can download it, if you're interested, by clicking this:  Download Blender for FREE!


I rigged Olof, first the basic bone structures (head, neck, upper body, lower body and the limbs) then the facial rig which enables him to smile and then some additional rigs that would enable me to flatten his face and deform it in a cartoonish way.. :)

Basic Rig

Facial rig

Additional rigs

If you're a pro animator and a Blender user already, you might notice that I didn't create custom shapes for the bones. To give you my excuse, I don't really need to customize it since the B-Bone structure is already comfortable for me. :)


This is the OLOF model! You can download the .blend file(Blender file) on the link below.


Now that I'm finished with the Modeling and Rigging, I HAVE TO ANIMATE HIM!

So I started planning....

My mind settles quickly to the idea of making Olof move with Olaf because of this video:

It's one of Disney's preliminary tests on making the characters move. You can watch more on their YouTube channel here: Walt Disney Animation Studios' YouTube channel

So seeing the video I immediately imagined how I'm going to put him there.

And after 1 week of animation, I made this:

Just click the annotation on the end of the video to see more awesomeness!


That's all there is to know about Olof!

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This is MJ Vilches of Doodle Notes.


Over and Out.

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