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Don't Wanna Fall Again

is a story I made during high school.

It's a story about a guy named Mort who's 

been hurt by falling and promised not 

to fall again.

But he struggles to keep that promise as

he starts to realize his true feelings for

his best friend, Chrixa.

This book is actually a part of a series and

the 2nd book is just waiting to be edited and

posted online.

 Mga OUTS ng Buhay

is another one that I wrote during high school.

It's just me ranting is all. Ranting in

the most inspirational way possible...

...I think.

It's also going to be a part of

series but unfortunately to my

English friends... will only be on Filipino.

Ang Huling Paraiso

is actually one of the most glorious stories

that I've been a part with during high school.

The idea for the story was thought

by Mrs. Marivi Castro, our English teacher,

and Ricky Bustos, a classmate and a close friend,

and I wrote the story that is now

in the form of a novel.

It was actually adapted into a stage play

directed by Mr. Salvador PeƱas,

and is one of the biggest events

I've been a part of during high school.

It's a story mixed with self-conflict, family,

romance, war of cultures, fantasy and a whole lot more!

Just read it here!

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