I just opened a bank recently! The "being part of the society" starts now!


* Not much progress this week, except for these:

Unfortunately, this animation would go to trash because it didn't look good. And it's too complicated. I'm gonna have to change the whole thing and settle with something simple. My laptop crashes so much too so I'm gonna have to sacrifice the quality in terms of the resolution of the video and focus more on the quality in terms of the pacing of the video. Pacing means how the video is sequenced. A good pacing is better than a bad one. Also I'm running out of time and I can't spend so much time in The Lego Me since The Lego Movie fever is long gone. So yeah. I have to devote myself into creating videos that has stronger chances of getting views because if not, I'll get into a big trouble....O.o And everything I've worked for til now will be wasted. So yeah. The Lego Me might be delivered to you on Saturday next week.

ALSO!! I did not have much progress this week because most of my time was consumed on completing the requirements that I need for opening a bank account. And fortunately, before the week ended, I managed to open a bank account! Now I can really save up for some filmmaking equipments! XD

* I also managed to upload a Vlog this week upon which I thought that I won't be able to upload one. Watch it here: . My recent Vlogs are my best Vlogs so far. :)


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