Enough excuses...

Shame on me....O.o


The Cover Page. :)

  •  Also, following the plans that I made for this week, I sent a video to Film Riot's 5 Year Anniversary thingy. :) Can't show it. Sorry.

  • Unfortunately, not according to my plans, I was not able to do the plans for my next video for the FILMS category because I didn't expect that Supers Academy will be taking up most of my time. So yeah....Hehehehe. No progress on the FILMS but the MUSIC do have some progress. I actually created a cover last week but I deleted it because it's really crappy. Hehehe. Stay tuned when a better one is up. :)

  • And, finally, THE VLOGS ARE BACK!

    • After much deliberation, and a little appreciation from my friend, I decided to Vlog again. Everything that needs to be said is on the video below.

And THAT'S it!

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