Enough is enough! I've had it!

I'm tired of always letting the problems stop from what I'm supposed to do! I've had it!


  •  Thank you Ryan video!

    • I've been subscribed to Film Riot for 2 years now and I couldn't thank them enough for ever existing to the "interwebs" and sharing their filmmaking knowledge as excellent as they can for free!

      They're currently celebrating their 5 years in the industry and instead of receiving gifts, they're giving away $18,000 worth of prizes!

      I've been looking for a perfect chance to say a word to this guys and they just gave me and all those who watch their content on YouTube a perfect chance to thank them.

      Watch this video to learn about the PERFECT CHANCE. XD

      I'll be sending them a video soon, so this week, I plan to create one.

  • MBC 1 - Pre-Production Stage

    •  My friends and I we're supposed to shoot a video last week but it was cancelled.

    The main reason would be time and weather.

    since I really want to upload videos already(Because I've been stagnant
    for many months now), I decided to create an idea for a video which
    won't require more people and I can do myself.

    can't really share to you any more information about the idea but yeah,
    I'll be working on it starting today. AND I'LL FINISH IT!!!!! >.<

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