Still need more practice!

I just finished one test but there are still more coming!


* The only progress for this week is the completion of one of my tests before plunging in to the main projects. This test is the recreation of Olaf from Disney's Frozen! (Click here for more details!)

(an animation by Walt Disney and Doodle Notes)

(a compilation of how I made the animation)

Watch them both by clicking the link above!

* The next test that I'm going to take is remodeling another character from an animated film and this time it would be a human character. It will help me practice how to have a great topology of a human character when modeling them. I also want to create ways to improve my characters' rigs since my rigs are not really that excellent. And of course I have to animate more for improvement and for me to get use to its tedious process.

* I also want to note that I decided to model existing characters from a famous animated film because I get enough motivation to finish them. And because I can't really sleep without pushing my skills to the test by remodeling an already prominent character. And also... they help me gather audience. :)


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This is MJ Vilches of Doodle Notes.


Over and Out.

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