I've done some tests for the short, The Battle, and I've encountered a lot of issues that I should take into account before pursuing the project.

I already finished establishing the story and the characters and also created concept arts for everything.



Basing on the concept arts, I modeled and rigged two of the main characters in a free and open-source 3D animation suite called, Blender and test-animated them.

I actually modeled the characters in 2D since I planned on having the camera to only move in one spot, not changing it's angle, and just track on the characters.

As you can see, it turned out awesome but when I test animated the YOU character holding his weapons and attack with it, I encountered some issues.

It looks a bit fine but the issue is...

Notice the arm, rotating in an awkward way? It's because I modeled the character in 2D which means the characters are only 2D planes and not in 3D objects. Since the camera stays on one angle, I didn't bother to model them completely in 3D. But after this test, I find that my resolve is not really as awesome as I expected. Because of the inverse kinematics modifier that I added on the rig, it's difficult to fix the issue. 

So I decided to re-model the characters and this time they will be in complete 3D. The camera still stays in one angle though. But this time, I have more freedom and fixing future issues will be easier.

I don't really want to rush this project because I've rushed my past projects and I never liked the results. I want to do it excellently since I want to bring forth glory to our awesome God for the talents that His given me. Can't really glorify Him with a crappy fruit, can I? So yeah...

Just wait for the final product and I assure you that it will be worth waiting, watching and sharing for.

Thanks for reading the blogs!

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