Phew! Doing stuff alone makes it challenging to keep up with my schedule, but this is a training! I have to overcome this challenge! So despite being late, here's the progress on Doodle Notes and The Underland Project in the last 2 weeks!

Within these weeks, I published the Blender Speed Art and Art Breakdown video for Week 8's Gregor the Overlander Blender fan art, Gregor the Housekeeper.

But what took most of the week is this Fan Mode Animation:

This is the first short Fan Mode animation of The Underland Project! The short animation helped me a lot on detecting some issues on the Gregor model and also allowed me to do a test on how to handle all the Physics simulation associated with the character. I also learned/proved a lot of Blender animation techniques and theories that was only on my mind. I will be sharing more about that after conducting more tests. 😁

Also! I published The Underland Project Production Diary Entry #3 this week!

THAT IS ALL! Over and out.

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