Production Diary for the first month was published this week.

This will be something that I'd be doing every month to report the status of the project. Would really want the diary to reach more than a hundred entries. 😆😆😆


Started modeling Gregor this week!

And the modeling is mostly done! Just need to make further refinements. Next week, Imma give him color. Oh! And a hair and his clothes. 😃

And if you're wondering why I modeled him without clothes, it was because, I'm modeling a base model of him first so later on I can put on different clothes on him. Specifically, Overlander or Underlander clothes.


I also published an uncut, time-lapsed video of the modeling process. Watch it below if you're interested on seeing how I turned a cube into Gregor. 😆😆😆

THAT'S ALL! Over and Out.

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