I am proud to say that the first week of The Underland Project is very productive. 😆😆😆

But before sharing what progress I've made for the project on its first week. Let me share first the stuff I managed to do as the year started for all of Doodle Notes. 😁


I started the year with a Vlog. A continuation of the last vlog I did last year.

This vlog contains a summary of what I'm planning to do this year. And you gotta watch until the end because someone's joining in on the fun. 😆

I wanted to start the year with that Vlog because I wanted to do something to start the year with. And also, I wanted to put a twist on how I'd be presenting my progress to my YouTube followers. So expect some awesome vlogs coming as the project progress.

Another thing that I want to clarify is this:

This is a Fan Mode animation that is not connected to the project.

I will also be publishing a series of Blender time-lapse videos on how I made the model and also an animation time-lapse of my animation process for the Fan Mode Video.

This was just some videos I forgot to post last year. And since the project is still at Pre-Production Stage, there won't be much to make video content out of it yet. So in the meantime, just to fill my upload schedule and also give me more time to work on the project, I'll be uploading some videos not related to The Underland project. But this is only while I'm in Pre-Production stage, specifically during the Design part. After that, there's just going to be Underland Project videos for the rest of the year or until I'm done with the project. 😁


Since I wanted to present my progress on The Underland Project in an awesome way, here's a Vlog I did explaining the animation pipeline that I will be following for the project.

Also there's a bit near the end continuing the little rascals entrance to the Doodle Notes world. 😆


Here's my progress for The Underland Project!

I'm done with the character and creature design! But not really, because I'm pretty sure that I'll be changing some stuff while modeling them. The model sheets above are just reference that I'd be needing to get a general sense of how the characters look and to also make sure that I model them with proper proportions.

I'll try to finish the design part before this month ends. Which means after this month, I'm done with all the designs including the design for the environment. So when February comes, I'm already modeling all the elements needed for animation.

Ah. Progress.

THAT'S ALL FOR NOW! Over and Out.

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