A very big fan project that
I'll be doing as tribute to Suzanne Collins' 
Underland Chronicles.

Despite being the first series that Suzanne Collins wrote, There are no hints of adapting Underland Chronicles into a film, even an animated one. I really want to see atleast a short film that's based in the book but since no one's making it, I'll do it myself!

I've searched and searched and searched online for fan arts based on the series but only a handful came up and only a few are really good ones. I've been wanting to SEE(not just read) the characters and locations in the book and seeing fan arts of them are very interesting, only there's not much fan art around so I'll be making plenty!

Venturing into this project would give me lots of opportunities to:
Learn writing through reading,
Practice my Blender skills &
Practice my filmmaking skills.
Since I'd be reading the book again and again to effectively bring the characters to life, I'm also planning on modeling the characters and locations in the series and doing some animations with them, which will give me lots of opportunities to practice using Blender which I plan to use on more film projects in the future. And since I'll be making an animated series, I'd be able to experience the challenges of going through different stages of a production of an animation.

Gregor the Overlander is the first "thick" book that I attempted to read during the time that I'm too lazy to even pick up a book. I wouldn't be able to write a proper English sentence or even speak in English fluently, if I hadn't bought that book. It initiated my desire to read and write stories. For almost 8 years, it consumed me and I just gotta do this. So with that in mind, and in heart, I'll be pushing through this project passionately. 😁😁😁

The main goal of this project is to bring to life some portions of the book through 3D animated shorts.
The project's future relies so much on how much reception each animation get.

For the time being, I'm calling this Project:

The Underland Project: Chapter 1

And this project's end result will be a 5-episode web series, that will aim to accurately visualize Gregor and Boot's decent to Underland up to Gregor's failed attempt to escape from it. Each episode will have sub-products, which are the following:

Character & Environment Models
I'll be modeling every element that's described in the book using Blender to fulfill my dreams of SEEING the world upon which the story resides. I'll be using these models to create the rest of the project results. I might also give away the models for free for all ye Underland fans who wants to create more fan arts as tribute to the series.

Gimp & Blender Artworks
Using the models of characters and environment, I'll be creating artworks that will visualize all of my favorite moments in the books. I'll also make Gimp arts while making concept arts.

Gimp & Blender Tutorials & Timelapse videos
And since there'll be a lot of modeling, rigging, animating, etc., going on in this project, I won't hesitate in making tutorials and timelapse videos. I'm pretty sure I'll be learning a lot as I go through this project and I'd be happy to share what I'd learn. :)

Each episode will also be designed to force me to tackle into some 

3D animation challenges such as: crowd rendering, creating city/landscapes, fluid and smoke simulations, etc!

So yeah! If you're interested about the project and want to be notified about some stuff about it, just go to the links below.

Daily Updates on Facebook or Twitter
 I'll be giving daily updates of my progress on my Facebook page or Twitter.

Blender Models on Blendswap
 All Blender models will be available on my Blendswap account.

Artworks on Deviantart
 All of the high-resolution artworks will be uploaded on my Deviantart account.

Videos on YouTube
 All of the videos that'll be produced from the project will be uploaded on my YouTube channels:
Tutorials & Timelapse on the 2nd Channel

Weekly Journals
I'll be making weekly updates on Deviantart journal of the progress here. And also, I will be sharing my progress on the BlenderArtists forums

Buy the Book!

You can buy The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins through the links below:


NOTE: No one payed me to do this. I just love the series so much!

This will be a very big journey for me as an artist, a storyteller and a filmmaker. And  I want to share every bit of it to you, at the same time giving tribute to the most awesome series that I've read in my life.

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