This week's progress is NOTHING! Nothing involving Doodle Notes... hehe.


Had to edit a video for my mom. Can't turn it down because ma will kill me if I did. XD

Just a presentation video for their school. (My mom's the principal)

It turned out nice and won a championship for their school too. So I got plus points from my mom(helpful on convincing her that I  have a shot on my career choice. XD) and also I got paid for it so got some cash to buy some stuff(a new multimedia keyboard and VGA).
Worked on it, bit by bit, within the week so no time to start on Doodle Notes projects. I also don't want to start with the projects while doing the video because that would be just torture. O.O

BUT YEAH! My mom's video is done so next week, I'll be resuming on the projects!

* My plan is to finish my part on the collab video with Channel Frederator first.

* Then resume The Underland Project.

* I also plan to upload Vlogs to inform you guys about some really important stuff in video form(Or tell those who only follow Doodle Notes on YouTube whats up). But there will be a blog form too with the video embedded on it. hehe.


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