Hold on to your butts because I'm about to share to you in detail what I plan for my filmmaking life. 

This blog is mainly for those who knows me(friends, family, etc.)and those who are curious about my decisions. It may answer their questions:  Why did you stop going to school? Are you sure about that? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

First, I like to emphasize the fact that before deciding on getting out of (the nightmare of studying a course I'm not willing to take as a career) college, I thought everything through. I did not just decide to do this out of a whim. I had everything planned out and although my plan may not be perfect, what's important is I HAVE A PLAN! I'm not taking on this journey blind but I see what's going to happen to me if I fail or, by God's grace, if I succeed.



My Ultimate Plan has three phases.


PHASE I: Become a 100% Full-time YouTuber.

PHASE II: Build-up Filmmaking Equipment and Crew.

PHASE III: Make Doodle Notes an Official Film Studio.

My ultimate plan relies solely upon the completion of Phase 1.
After I achieve a 100% completion of Phase 1, everything else will follow.
The first phase of my plan is to become a 100% Full-time YouTuber.

A YouTuber is someone who makes a living making videos on YouTube.

There are many kinds of YouTubers out there:
Gaming, Make-up, Vlogging, Toy Unboxing, Filmmaking, Animation , etc.

 Due to the creative freedom that it offers and the chance of gaining revenue from doing the thing that you love, 

Being a YouTuber, I think, is a perfect career for aspiring artists.

There are some who don’t think that being a YouTuber is a career.
Mostly because they don’t understand what it is or they don’t think that they have the skills to do what a YouTuber does.
And a YouTuber(only the best ones) does A LOT of HARDWORK  to make their videos. They really invest A LOT of time on their contents to make them AWESOME. In short, they’re working on it FULL-TIME.

I intend to be one of the best YouTubers out there.

And judging the scale of the projects I want to venture into and the contents I plan to upload on my channels, I really need to do this FULL-TIME. Because if I don’t, the chances of failure gets higher. And failure tends to happen when you put only HALF of your heart into something. And I don’t want to do that for Doodle Notes.

100% means a STABLE career as a YouTuber.

A considerable amount of views and subscribers and a monthly revenue. Most importantly, a steady stream of really good quality, AWESOME, contents coming from my channels. If I achieve those,  then this phase of the plan is complete.

  • More than 10,000 Subscribers.

  • More than 50,000 views for the majority of the videos.

  • Reach/Exceed payment threshold every month.

  • CONSISTENCY not just on uploading but also the quality of the contents.

  • Follow some good advice and guides on managing the channel.

  • Never forget the Doodle Notes' Mission-Vision:

"Bringing forth Awesomeness to Glorify the Awesome!"

 If Phase I is 100% complete, the next phases will come like a breeze.

The second phase of my plan is to build-up filmmaking equipment and crew.

I need tools to create or to level up my works.
Filmmaking and sound equipment. Powerful computers for post-production, etc.

So, in this phase, I'll slowly build up on those equipment.

I want to have a film crew that would also work full-time for Doodle Notes.

Not just the ones who are willing to do the work but will also give their best to do it.

The ones that will respect Doodle Notes' mission and vision.

In this Phase, I'll look for those people.

  • Complete set of equipment that passes production standards.
  • Have at least 5 full-time crew members.

Once I’m 100% sure that my YouTuber career is stable and I completed a satisfying set of film equipment and crew, I know I’ll be ready for Phase III:

To make Doodle Notes an Official Film Studio.

A studio that specializes in the creation or production of any artistic contents, but mainly films. Kinda like Disney. But also accepting artist clients to assist them in their projects. My target for Doodle Notes is to make it one of the best filmmaking studios in the Philippines. And I know I still have a long way to go through before that but I got a good feeling about this and I intend to make this dream come true.

  • Doodle Notes has a STUDIO of it's own.
  • The studio is complete with rooms, equipments, tools that will cover all the different film making roles and artistic needs.
  • Doodle Notes becomes a legal business with different clients from both professional and amateur filmmakers.
  • Doodle Notes is known in the country...or maybe in the whole world. Ah...dreams. 

To be honest, I don't know! XD

I'm yet to discover it! It's phase III anyway. I have to focus on how to complete Phase I and II for now because I won't reach Phase III without them! So yeah! Phase III is still too far and would be greatly affected by the results of Phase I and II. SO I won't be spending my time thinking about it for now. :)

If you're reading this 10 years from the time this Blog is created then I could've finished this plan already. But if you're reading this close to the time of this Blog's creation then you should know the status of my reality.

Right now(July 17, 2014), Doodle Notes YouTube channel has 62 subscribers and an overall video views of 9,608. Out of 29 videos only 2 has over 1,000 views. Estimated earnings....$1.05 and growing. Slowly but surely.

Right now(January 10, 2015), Doodle Notes YouTube channel has 118 subscribers and an overall video views of 16,356. Out of 37 videos only 3 has over 1,000 views. Estimated earnings....$1.69 and growing. Slowly but surely.

As of(February 1, 2016), Doodle Notes YouTube 2nd channel(former main channel) has 538 subscribers and an overall video views of 50,838. Out of 100+ videos 16 has over 1,000 views. Actual earnings....sorry, can't say. XD. Newly created Main channel has 75 subscribers and an overall video views of 3,792. Out of 10 videos only 1 has over 1,000 views. Estimated Earnings...$0.45 and growing. XD

As of(July 7, 2016);

Doodle Notes
Subscribers ---------- 88
Overall Video Views --------- 5,733
Videos with 1K+ views ---------- 2/26
Estimated Earnings ---------- $0.98

Doodle Notes II (former main channel) 
Subscribers ---------- 637
Overall Video Views --------- 57,557
Videos with 1K+ views ---------- 19/142
Estimated Earnings ---------- $22.50

As of(January 30, 2017);

Doodle Notes
Subscribers ---------- 115
Overall Video Views --------- 9,054
Videos with 1K+ views ---------- 3/34
Estimated Revenue ---------- $2.88

Doodle Notes II

Subscribers ---------- 879
Overall Video Views --------- 86,191
Videos with 1K+ views ---------- 21/166
Estimated Revenue ---------- $55.46

As of(January 10, 2018);

Doodle Notes
Subscribers ---------- 217
Overall Video Views --------- 46,757
Videos with 1K+ views ---------- 5/22
Estimated Revenue ---------- $15.49

Doodle Notes II
Subscribers ---------- 1,400
Overall Video Views --------- 133,775
Videos with 1K+ views ---------- A LOT!

Estimated Revenue ---------- $75.23

Only 1 guy works in Doodle Notes and that would be me, MJ Vilches. A filmmaker with a very big dream. 

All I want from you guys are your prayers and your faith. I've shared to you my plans, because I want you to know that this guy HAS A PLAN! Not flailing around blindly in the dark.

I'm going to reach that dream without cheating or without succumbing to the poison's of the world.

I work for excellence not for money. My every being will only move for excellence because through excellent products, can I glorify my God. Everything I do in Doodle Notes, I do it for Him. All of it for His glory.

I AM WEAK. I make a lot of mistakes. I'm human. I am limited.

But as long as He's with me. I will always do what I do best:

To draw.
To write stories.
To compose songs.
To make music.
To make films.



This is My Ultimate Plan. My purpose. My dream.

My name is MJ Vilches of Doodle Notes. Over and Out.


  1. Cmown! I could relate and I understand your situations and plans ahaha

    1. Haha! Kaya natin to brad! XD Maabaot rin natin ang pangarap natin! XD