A Valentine's Day special from Doodle Notes!

It's a stop-motion animation!

I ended up doing it in stop-motion because I'm pressed for time. And 3D and 2D Animation consumes more time than Stop-motion but all, of course, are not easy. I had to cut, crumple, tear and fold lots of paper for this video! My camera is also acting up. It's broken! So it's kind of a challenge putting this video together. I'm not really a good singer but I think I did good for this video. Still need more practice, though. But yeah, I'm proud to say that everything in the video is made originally by me. Except for the meme face. O.o


The song "Mahal Kita! Sobra!" - in English, I love you! So much! - is one of the songs I wrote during my high school days. (When I'm still that inspired to write these kinds of songs.)

Mort and Chrixa, who are referenced in the song are characters from my book, Don't Wanna Fall Again.

Read it here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/3942377-dont-wanna-fall-again

The story behind the song is a bit painful since, in reality, my love - for the girl whom I'm offering the song to- was not accepted. And since I'm too young back then, I did stupid things that made that girl - who was once one of my best friends - became my enemy. I don't consider her enemy, of course, but her, me. So yeah. I just use Friend Zoned as the Subtitle so everyone can relate to it but, the truth is, I've been Enemy Zoned. haha! But it's fine now. I did realize my mistakes(the mistake of pushing an unwanted love) and apologized to her. It's not really an awesome apology but I did try hard. Hehe. One thing's for sure, though: I lost a best friend. And I have no one else to blame but me...


I told you that because I don't want you to make the same mistake. Sometimes it's better for you to keep your friends than to lose them because of your own selfishness and stupidity.


Spread Love! And by Love I mean God's kind of love. Unconditional and True. And not just for a special someone but to everyone around you! Love one another!

Philippians 1:9

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