Happy Birthday ARON ORTIZ! XD

He's my classmate on highschool. XD Really fun guy.....



* Lots of progress on the new project last week. XD

Finished the Box Models....

And I already set-up the Stage! XD


My laptop's not really coping with the intensity of the boxes on that scene so it crashes so much. XD But I'll try changing or creating some techniques to achieve my goal look and not crash my gear too much. I already animated some shots which are only waiting for rendering. XD

Also  I don't have a better audio for recording the narration...BUT! My brother's buying a new mic. So Yeah! I hope he really buys it this week though....O.o

My target is to finish it this week and upload it on Saturday. The possible issues that might cause me to fail would be my laptop crashing, long render time, and me slacking off. XD Let's hope that the latter won't be an issue. O.o


* No progress on my Komiks, Supers Academy, due to the fact that I've been working on The Black Box and I have a lot of second thoughts(which made it third and fifth thoughts, right?).

I'm still struggling between drawing the characters by hand or model them in Blender and whether to leave it in Grayscale or Black and White or do it in color. So YEAH! I have to decide which this week.

In the meantime, go to this(http://tapastic.com/series/SupersAcademyBook1) link and read it and share your opinions whether or not I do it in color.


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